In today’s rapid-paced world of communications, Soho Post Production can now make your video in the morning and in the afternoon have it featured in a global online advertising campaign or earning revenue on YouTube.

We can provide the final output in numerous formats, including Flash (best for achieving highest quality reproduction on YouTube), to make sure it is optimised for web distribution.



We can provide a customised player or widget to be embedded on to a web page or Facebook. We can also assist you in marketing and distributing your video on YouTube, Vimeo, Muzu and Channel Flip.

Our Creative Department can take your video and produce rich media banner ads featuring your content within the advert. Or, our Media Planning department can plan a Google Adwords campaign to place your video in the World’s largest ad network.

These services can ensure your video is ready to be pushed on to the web to maximise your investment and gain wider exposure.